UF Purchasing

Year-End Information

If you have any questions concerning these procedures and deadlines, contact us at purchasing@ufl.edu or call (352) 392-1335.

Updated for FY2014

Purchase orders on appropriated funds that have a balance at the end of this fiscal year will roll forward into the FY14 fiscal year with the same PO number and line numbers on 6/30/13.  They will be the original purchase orders with new distribution lines on the 2014 CYFWD accounts.


•  Amount only purchase orders for goods should include a description
of the items that will be bought, have the date range the PO is
effective (usually the fiscal year period) and authorized users in the
description.  For a quick refresher about amount-only requisitions,
please see http://www.purchasing.ufl.edu/departments/faqs.asp#amount.

•  Requisitions for goods and services should have a specific
description describing the purchase to the vendor.  Remember that the
requisition title is for you but the description is for the vendor so
it should include everything they need to fill your order.  Goods
requisitions should include the make and model number for goods.
Service descriptions should include the rate of service, the beginning
and end dates of the service, and specific deliverables.

•  Remember the importance of distributing by amount or quantity - this
impacts the vouchering process.  If you don't remember, consider
attending the Introduction to Purchasing in myUF Market online or in the classroom again class to get the most up to date information about the creating requisitions. To find available sessions, navigate to My Self Service > Training and Development in
the portal.

If you have questions about any purchasing process contact purchasing@ufl.edu or call 392-1335.