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Allowable, Conditional, and
Non-Allowable Purchases


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Allowable Purchases
Conditional Purchases
Non-Allowable Purchases

Allowable Purchases

Allowable purchases must be for official University related business with a clear business and/or research  purpose.  When applicable, purchases must be made via myUF Market. The following list contains examples of items that can be purchased with the PCard. As always, all PCard purchases are subject to review.

Please note: This list includes examples and is NOT all inclusive.  If you are unsure if the PCard can be used to make a purchase, please contact the PCard Team at pcard@ufl.edu.

Administrative Fees Licenses


Arts and Crafts Supplies
Audio Visual Equipment (less than $5,000.00)
Books and Publications Library
Books Non-Library (less than $5,000.00)
Building Maintenance and Repair Supplies
Business Association and Membership Dues - See Disbursements Directives

Camera Supplies/Video Equipment/Digital Camera (less than $5,000.00)
Car Vehicle Detailing Service - UF/State vehicles only
Cleaning/Janitorial Supplies
Compressors (less than $5,000.00)
Computer Maintenance Support
Computer PDA (less than $5,000.00)
Computer Supplies and Parts (less than $5,000.00)
Computers (less than $2,000.00)
Cooling AC Supplies
Copier Fax Printer Service and Supplies
Courier Delivery Service
Dental Lab Fees or Services
Dental Supplies
Digital Camera Camcorder (less than $5,000.00)
DVD Players Recorders (less than $5,000.00)
Electric Utilities
Electrical Hardware Supplies
Electrical Wire or Cable
Electronic Supplies
Equipment Maintenance and Repair Supplies
Fax Equipment (less than $5,000.00)
Fertilizers Soil Conditioners
Film and Recording Media
Flowers – lab and research only
Flowers - Other - See Conditional List (right column)
Furniture (less than $5,000.00)
Garden Tools (less than $5,000.00)
Gas Cylinder Rental or Lease Payment
Gases Industrial or Specialty
Hardware Nails Screws Bolts
Hotels and Motels - Meeting Space ONLY
Hotels and Motels - Lodging - See Travel (Conditional Purchases)
Lab Coats or Scrubs
Lab Consumable Supplies
Lab Equipment Maintenance
Lab Scientific Equipment (less than $5,000.00)
Mailing Supplies
Medical or Lab Services Fees
Medical Supplies
Meeting Facilities
Motors Generators (less than $5,000.00)
Musical Supplies Items (less than $5,000.00)
Network Routers (less than $5,000.00)
Office Equipment (less than $5,000.00)
Office Supplies
Oil and Gas Utilities
Pagers - Paging Services
Paint and Painting Supplies
Paper - Copier or Printer
Parking Fees Road Tolls
PDA Accessories (less than $5,000.00)
Photographic Service
Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies
Postage (Bulk Mail)
Printer / Copier (less than $5,000.00)
Printing and Reproduction
Projector Supplies or Bulbs
Publications Reprints
Signs Banners (less than $5,000.00)
Software (with Procurement's approval of license agreements)
Sports Equip Supplies (less than $5,000.00)
Storage Lockers (less than $5,000.00)
Subscriptions - Database and periodical

Teacher Resource Materials
Telephone Service
Toner Cartridges
Tools (less than $5,000.00)
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services
Vehicle Parts and Supplies
Veterinary Drugs
Welding Supplies
Window Treatments Blinds


Conditional Purchases

The following types of purchases may be made with the PCard but only under certain conditions or circumstances and with the proper funding source.  The list contains hyper-links which will provide more information to help identify the special requirements or documentation for these types of purchases.  The purchase must benefit the University, demonstrate a business purpose for the unit, or further the research purposes of the University.

3D Printers - EH&S preapproval required; see EH&S 3D Printer Policy

Awards - See Section B “Awards” of Disbursements Directive #4)

Cellular/Mobile Telephone and Service - See Finance and Accounting Directives and Procedures, Telecommunications, 2. Cell Phones and Similar Wireless Communication Devices, 4. Option 2. Additional information can be found the Cell Phone/Wireless Communication Devices FAQs on the Finance and Accounting website. 

Clocks (less than $5,000.00) - See Section A “General Guidelines” of Disbursements Directive #3, and Section C “Purchases of a Personal Nature” of Procurement Directive #9

Cooking Range Stoves - See Section P “Hazardous Materials and Equipment” of Procurement Directive # 13

Education Certificates or Diplomas - See Section C “Educational Courses” of Disbursements Directive #4

Equipment Maintenance Contract - See Section F “Maintenance or Service Agreements" of Procurement Directives #13, and section H “Contracts” of Procurement Directives #13

Fans (less than $5,000.00) - See Section A “General Guidelines” of Disbursements Directive #3, and section C “Purchases of a Personal Nature” of Procurement Directive #9

Flowers - non-lab, non-research



Greeting Cards - See Procurement Directives, 9. Unauthorized Purchases, Purchases of a Personal nature.  

Heaters, Space/Portable - See Disbursement Directives, 3. Expenditure Policy, A. General Guidelines. EH&S pre-approval is required.  Email EH&S at labsefety@ufl.edu documentation such as a specifications sheet, webpage listing of features, etc. that the space heater meets the following requirements:

Internet Service Provider (ISP) - See DSL/Cable Internet in Personal Residences  DSL or cable Internet connection at a personal residence constitutes an employee perquisite.  See the Perquisites section of UF Human Resource Services' web site.

Microwave Ovens - See Procurement Directive 13 “Hazardous Materials and Equipment.”

Refrigerators/Freezers (less than $1,000.00) - See Section P “Hazardous Material and Equipment” of Procurement Directives 13

Registration for Meetings or Conferences - See Travel Directives 7, Section A “Travel Authorizations.”

Safety Apparel - See Section Q "Perquisites" of Disbursements Directive 4 - Perquisite required

Services that require a contract - See Section H “Contracts” of Procurement Directives#13. Included are such as:

Storage Rental -See Section H “Contracts” of Procurement Directives #13

Travel - See Travel Directives including #5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 16


Non-Allowable Purchases

The items listed below cannot be purchased with the PCard regardless of funding source. If you are unsure if something is PCard-allowable e-mail pcard@ufl.edu before making the charge.

    • Attorney/Legal Services
    • Capital Equipment/Asset items costing $5,000.00 or more
    • Cash Advances - ATM, Money Order, Wire Transfer
    • Cash Credits and Refunds
    • Coca-Cola Products - See University of Florida/Pepsi Partnership memo
    • Contributions or Gifts
    • Gift Cards or Gift Certificates
    • Guns and Ammunition
    • Household Moves - must be processed through Procurement Services (See the Household – Moving Made Simple page of the Procurement website
    • Insurance - must be approved and processed through Risk Management Department
    • Leases- Office Space or Residential Space - must be processed through the Procurement Department
    • Liquor/Beer/Wine
    • Meals and Restaurant Purchases
    • Parking Citations
    • Personal Convenience (items that are for personal use or benefit only one person)
    • Radioactive Materials
    • Any Item Prohibited by Law, Regulation, or Policy
    • Anything costing more than your Single Transaction Limit (no splitting of charges to circumvent your Single Transaction Limit)