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During the fall of 2015, myuf Market went live with a contract manager feature.  This contract manager feature allows campus to find contracts that can be utilized to purchase a variety of products and services.  These contracts have been negotiated to provide UF with great value and service. UF Procurement continues to add new contracts as they are implemented.


News and Updates


Check the News section of this site and the UF Accounting Listserv for notices of this and future updates. If you have suggestions or questions about these system updates, we encourage you to e-mail myufmarket@ufl.edu

Here's what has changed with this update...

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Why search for and use a contract?

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New Contract Search Feature

To make it easier to find active contracts that can be utilized, we have added the contract manager feature in MyUF Market.  This feature allows you to find contracts by searching for keywords.  To search for a contract, utilize the shop from the top search by entering keywords for what you are looking for. 
In the example below, we searched for a contract for hiring a temporary employee.  Utilizing this shop from the top feature, we used the key words “admin assistant”.  (You can also search for temporary help, temp help and other keywords to pull up this contract.)  Once the keywords have been entered in click the orange “Go” button.


Your search results will list all contracts and items that match your keywords entered.  Your search results will show:


When you click on the contract more info button you will see a summary of the contract.  This will include start and end dates, whether or not it is active for shopping and you can click on view summary to get a summary about the contract.


When you click on the orange more info button you will see ordering instructions.  These instructions will instruct you on what you need to do in order to order/purchase a product or service when you select the supplier on contract.


When in your shopping cart, you will see that in most cases the contract is automatically added to your cart. 

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