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Please note: Only direct payments to University contract moving vendors are authorized. Authorized expenses include packing, shipping, and up to 30 days of storage of household goods and reasonable expenses incurred for moving an automobile. Charges for unpacking, extra insurance or storage beyond 30 days are not allowed and must be paid separately by the party being moved.

1. Create a Requisition as soon as you have a signed offer letter and are aware a move is required.

2. Complete the myUF Market form, which requires the following:

3. What if it’s almost fiscal year end and my unit doesn’t have appropriated funds to create a requisition but need to place a move?

Send Procurement a Letter of Intent to Relocate, signed by your Dean or Director – someone who can commit unit funds.  Ensure that the faculty/staff member being relocated has signed the UF letter of offer.

Next Steps
Procurement assigns the moving company from the list of successful bidders – all national carriers. 

Procurement emails a letter to the faculty member indicating the moving company selected and contact information for the company along with a “Moving Guide”.  The Moving Guide explains the restrictions on Household moves and gives a little advice on how to make the move go more smoothly.

The moving company’s local agent contacts the incoming employee to schedule a household visit to survey the goods being moved and generates an estimate.   The vendor discusses move dates, options for reducing costs or requests for special handling.  All contract vendors invoice based on actual weight moved.

Procurement follows federal guidelines on household moves. For more information, see IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses.

The contract ensures the University excellent pricing, which includes up to $100,000 replacement value insurance, drivers rated in the top quarter of their company's rating scale, scheduling preference for desired move dates and the mover will make one return trip to the delivery address to pick up flattened, unpacked boxes.

Helpful Hints
Laboratory Moves require additional information and International moves are handled differently. Please contact Procurement directly for these types of moves.

Ensure new faculty are aware of UF’s process.  Many of our new employees have experienced the moving process at other institutions and apply that procedure before asking for clarification. Unfortunately, the prospect of “having to start the process all over,” has annoyed new faculty members.

Review offer letters for language that suggests the University of Florida will reimburse or pay for moving expenses, change that language to “will provide household moving services”.

Please help your new faculty and staff with this process as best you can and if you have ANY questions regarding this process email Procurement@ufl.edu.